Stop water leakage through metal roof
Delta Polyflex 10 is a rubberised bitumen emulsion which is used together with Delta Polyester Fabric to provide a liquid applied waterproofing system.

• Can be used in areas of total water immersion.
• Typically used in flat roof waterproofing areas, flashings, parapet walls and sealing of joints, laps and roofing screw in corrugated roofs.

• Flexible and elastic.
• Non toxic.
• Capable of bridging cracks.
• Seamless.

Delta Polyflex 40 is a one-pack, aluminum pigmented coating in silver finish.

• Ideal for use as heat reflective aluminium coating on metallic, concrete and waterproofed surfaces.
• Typically used on roofs.

• UV resistant, reduces heat transmission.
• Non toxic.
• Highly reflective.
• Easy to apply.
• Protects metal roofs, structures from corrosion.