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How can you know if your home is in need of a roofing company Raleigh?

Everything in the world experiences wear and tear; It’s just a matter of how long before they lose their functionality and needs to be replaced. Your roof is probably the thing you least regularly check, since it may be rather difficult to get up there and inspect it. However, should you delay your roof replacement, the effects can really give you a hard time. A simple leak will not only annoy you, but can also damage your house, such as electrical wiring. So make sure that you replace your roof as soon as it has exceeded its lifetime. But remember, leaks do not always mean it’s time to replace your whole roof. There are many other roofing problems which can be solved through regular maintenance and reparations, and there’s no need to use up a large sum of your savings to replace a few-years-old roof. Read on to find out easy signs and ways to find out if it’s time replace your roof.

Pay attention to your roof shingles the next time you’re going out

Roof shingles or tiles are those rectangular objects overlapping one another, forming the roof. If the shingles are starting to curl or buckle, it’s a sign your roof will have to be replaced soon. The edges will be particularly easy to spot if it’s curling, while the other shingles will seem to be cupped and even cracked. The shingles may also seem to be “bald” at particular spots. That means the granules, responsible for protecting the roof, are missing. Look particularly at areas which are most exposed to sunlight, as they will be most affected and will break down faster. You may find the granules in the gutters instead. All these signs most likely show that it would be better to replace your roof soon.

Another thing to check up on is the roof valley

The roof valley is an integral part of your roof which plays a significant role in protecting your house from snow and rain, by allowing the water to flow down into the gutter. If you notice that there are missing roof shingles in the valley, it’s a clear indication of a replacement. A compromised valley can cause roof leaks and is not something good to have. Missing shingles in other areas aside from the valley also indicates that the roof should be replaced soon.

It is recommended to do this twice annually. You should look out for areas where the roof may seem saggy and weak. This can be accompanied with some degree of water damage, and may also cause leaking. Daylight passing through the roof is also another sign that your roof needs replacement, or at the very least some repairs. It is always best to quickly fix any holes appearing in your roof. Additionally, try to see if you can find dark streaks on the roof deck. These are caused by algae. Although they barely cause harm to your roof, it may look rather unpleasant and also suggests your roof is getting pretty old.

Finally, try to remember when you built your house and roof, which roughly shows your roof’s age

Roofs generally have ages between 20 to 25 years, although the actual lifespan is affected by many factors such as the environment or the roof ventilation. Knowing the age of your roof can help estimate how much longer it can be used before being replaced, especially when you notice your roof seems to be worn out and old. It also helps if you take a look at other houses built around the same time yours was. If your neighbors are replacing theirs, you’ll most likely have to do so too.
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