Raleigh Roofing by Rain-Go – Ice & Water Shield Installation Over Valley Flashing
http://raingonc.com/services/roofing/ – Rain-Go Exteriors Roofing Installation Team explains and shows Installation of Ice/Water Shields that other Roofing Companies who are not NC Licensed or Certified do not install.

The Premier Raleigh Roofing Company, Rain-Go Exteriors are dedicated to serving the Greater Triangle area.


Rain-Go Exteriors provide their customers with a unique, custom experience designed to cover details that most exterior and roofing contractors miss. Our roofing, siding and gutter teams follow strict guidelines, paying extra close attention to every detail. The roofing specialists of Rain-Go, lead the industry with their commitment to excellence. The Owner, Tim Howell regularly works on site with his crew to ensure all projects are completed with precision and in a timely manner. If you are interested in receiving an estimate for work, please visit the website or contact the office at 919-875-0700.

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