PVC and TPO Flat Roofing Installation – Welding PVC / TPO seams
PVC and TPO Flat Roofing Installation – Step by Step guide showing installation of Roof Insulation, Field Welding of PVC / TPO membrane sheets with Liester Varimat automatic welder and hand welding with Liester Triac hand welder, probing the seam welds, doing a seam cut test and patching the hole in the roof.

In this video you will see installation of high density insulation. Next, PVC roof sheet is welded with Liester automatic welder at 15 feet per minute.

Then you can see TPO roof being welded with hand welder (Liester Triac).

Finally a seam weld is tested with probe and then a test cut is made. a 2×4″ piece of roof is cut out across the seam, to test the depth and quality of the weld. A pull test is performed to make sure seam does not com apart.

Finally, the hole in the roof is patched by welding a 9×12″ patch of PVC material. Repairing PVC / TPO flat roofs can easily be performed in the same manner – welding a patch of virgin membrane over aged membrane (after proper cleaning).

For more info on PVC roofing, go to http://www.roofcalc.org/ib-pvc-flat-roof-prices/

For more info on differences between TPO and PVC roofs see “PVC vs TPO” guide by Cool Flat Roof – http://www.coolflatroof.com/flat-roofing-blog/single-ply-flat-roofing-systems-pvc-and-tpo/