How To: Nail Roof Shingles
GAF- Mastering The Roof (chapter 08)

Proper fastening is critical to the performance of any roof system. This chapter will demonstrate how to properly nail roofing shingles.

of course quality gf singles are the
most important component a very complete

roofing system before we actually
personals down

let’s discuss proper single facet proper

is critical to the performance if any
roof system fasteners must be long

enough to penetrate the roofing

this includes the shingles underlayment
and Dec

remembers the nail must go three
quarters a vintage

it’s a solid wood decking for penetrate
through plywood or

away speed ethics if the nails is not
properly penetrate the deck

the roof will be vulnerable to blow offs

GA yep has different size singles make
sure you look at the instructions on the

inside the shingle rapper

or the GF website for proper fastening

remember local codes always take

over these instructions if four nails
are required

the preferred order to a fine ales is

when the nails are placed in or above
the self sealing strip

or above the nail guideline we call it

pie nailing pies the link can reduce the
strength of the seal

resulting in lack a bit fusion which can
make the roof more vulnerable to blow


follow the application instructions on
each single Raeford

to ensure proper daily use only safe
coated steel

for aluminum 10 to 12 gauge bar source
move shake

roofing nails with heads 3/8 27 16 7/8
in diameter

veils should be driven straight so the
head does not cut into the single

heads should be driven flash and not
over driven into the surface at the same

make sure to follow individual singles
mailing instructions for proper dealing

this will help prevent moisture from
getting into the roofing system

and could prevent premature failure
blistering as you go long

remember to correct any mailing yours
I’m ellen is probably the number one

insulation mistake made on roofing
shingles it’s one of the biggest causes

blow-ups angled or under driven nails
are problems too

they can poke a hole through the single
above Earth allowing brain into the


angled or under driven else can also
prevent the singles from properly


in can result in single blow offs be
certain to take your time and

install males properly flat to the

not at an angle and in the correct